High school is an important time in your life; the first time when the decisions you make could affect you for a lifetime.  It is a time of important friendships, deep questioning, and the whole world opening up before your feet.  It is a time when the adventure of life suddenly gets far more real.

Like a climber on a steep wall, you need a lifeline.

At Holy Cross, we seek to ground our faith in reality, and the reality of this tumultuous and exciting time of life is that we need God more than ever!  We need to move beyond the faith we inherit (or don’t!) from our parents and into a faith that is our own, a faith we carry around in our hearts and minds, a faith that is real at more than just church–our own way of living out “the faith delivered once for all to the saints.” (Jude 1:3)

Your lifeline is Jesus Christ.  We’re here to help you get to know Him.

Come and make friends that will last a lifetime as you begin to make the decisions that will create your lifetime.  Meet (or get to know better) the God who already knows the story of your lifetime and wants love, serve, and guide you along the way.

Please see our calendar for upcoming high school youth events.