2024 Confirmation Test

If you are a confirmand who is completing Worship Note requirements through reviewing an online sermon, click here to download a sermon note.

Confirmation is a traditional part of a Lutheran upbringing, but at Holy Cross we do it in a VERY non-traditional way.  Rather than several years of classes followed by a perfunctory religious celebration, our youth are encouraged to develop a living relationship with God through Jesus Christ while they engage in the essentials of the Christian life.

Through the confirmation process, youth aged 7th grade and up are encouraged to pray, worship, read and learn about Scripture.  They are helped to cultivate a disciple’s habits of loving service, developing deep Christian friendships, and sacrificial giving to the work of God in the world.

As their journey nears its conclusion, our confirmation students (or catechumens) engage more deeply in the life of the congregation, help plan service in the greater community, and finally commit themselves personally and publicly to following Jesus Christ as His disciple.

If this is the sort of Christian formation you would like to be engaged in (or see your children engaged in), please contact us for meeting times and dates.  You may also download the confirmation program outline by clicking here: Confirmation Program Outline.