Social Ministry

Social Ministry of Holy Cross

The Social Ministry Committee meets on the first Monday of each month to plan and prepare crafts and decorations for NE2 residents of Gracedale and Easter and Christmas for Sick and Shut-In Members.
Our goals at this time are Gracedale Visitation on the second Thursday of each month at 11:00 a.m., the Ingathering (once a year,) preparation of baskets for sick and shut-ins during the Easter and Christmas seasons and placement of the Nativity Scene when needed.

Gracedale is very appreciative of the magazines and cards Holy Cross has been providing. The residents are overjoyed to have choices of the magazines and sometimes we have enough to provide two to each. Thank You to our Holy Cross members for making this possible. Also, other items have been requested and Holy Cross members graciously responded. Thank you to all.

Social Ministry at ChristmasSocial Ministry is always open for new members and it never fails to give more joy to the volunteers than the
effort that is put in when visiting at Gracedale.

Contact the Church Office for information or any questions.