The leadership team at Holy Cross that assists the Pastor and church staff with church affairs and governs the decisions of church and it’s business is known as the church council. It consists of 12 members elected from the congregation. The Church Council shall have such authority and duty as is delegated to it by the Constitution, these By-laws, the resolutions of the congregation, and Pennsylvania non-profit corporation law, including, but not limited to, the authority and duty to:

a. Designate and grant authority to individuals to sign any legal documents on behalf of Holy Cross Evangelical Lutheran Church including but not limited to, checks, drafts, notes and any other order of monetary payment for Holy Cross Evangelical Lutheran Church.

b. Conduct regular monthly meetings, at such time and place as the Church Council may determine.

c. Provide for worship leadership, preaching and administration of the Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion.

d. Approve hiring of compensated ministry staff other than the full-time pastor(s) and annually fix and review their compensation.

e. Annually review the performance and compensation of the pastor(s).

f. Prepare and submit a Ministry Spending Proposal to the congregation for approval.

g. Report its activities to the annual meeting of the congregation and at such time as the Church Council may decide.

h. Choose delegates to any group or meeting in which the congregation is entitled to representation.

i. Establish policies and committees necessary for the ongoing operations and programs of Holy Cross Evangelical Lutheran Church with input from the congregation as appropriate.

j. Assign other duties and responsibilities to the officer positions as necessary.