Please join us for Livestreaming worship:

YouTube services are being streamed live again.  If there is a technical difficulty, please check approximately three hours after the live services, when they will be uploaded.

You may download a copy of today’s order of worship by clicking here.

If you would like to read along with Sunday’s Scripture readings while worshiping, please click here to open a new tab while listening.

If you find that one of these sites is having trouble streaming, please check about an hour and half after worship time for the pre-recorded service.

You may join us for livestreaming worship at:
9:30am Sundays
12:30pm Tuesdays
7:00pm Wednesdays
10:00am Thursdays

Once a service is streamed, it continues to be available for viewing.

If you have trouble with the embedded video, you can watch it on YouTube directly by clicking here.

Don’t Forget: Dozens of inspirational and informative Biblical messages can be found on our Podcast, which can be subscribed to directly from the player on our webpage.

If you are a confirmand who is completing Worship Note requirements through reviewing an online sermon, click here to download a sermon note.