Making Missions Happen

Making Mission Happen is a mission within Holy Cross Church. Our objective is to help local people who are in need. These services include paying bills, helping with odd and ends around the house and/or giving rides to needed destinations. We are informed of these needed services by the partners of Holy Cross, the partners who donate their time at the Bath Food Bank, and the Moore Township Association for Families in Need.

Our meetings are held on the first Monday of each month at 7:00 p. m. All are welcome to attend. Currently, we have Deb Hefflefinger, Tom Amy, Deb Letterhouse, Nathan Grube and Paul Grube on the board. As in all committees, we are looking for new members and new ideas for Making Mission Happing, not only here in our Church but in our community.

This year we helped a family keep a roof over their heads, a man get out of the cold, and a young mother truly in need. This young lady does not want public assistance and does not have the time for legal action. Instead, she straps her boots on and makes it happen for her girls and herself. This young lady had no idea that we knew about her and that her family was going to receive the assistance from M. M. H. On the Monday before Christmas, packages were delivered to the family with a tear to be shed. This is what Making Mission Happen is about. We have the privilege and the talent as a congregation to be a blessing in our community. The fundraisers in the Church help those who truly need it. We as M.M.H. ask for your continued support in order to help our community.

M.M.H. would also like to thank all those who came out and participated in the pastie sales. With your help, we were able to help the general fund of the Church and help people in our community.

Thank You,
Deb, Deb, Tom, Paul, and Nathan