Hilandar ChristIf you have navigated to this page, the assumption is that you are not a committed Christian. There have been more good (and bad) resources produced to help you learn the facts about the person of Jesus Nazareth than we can possibly do credit to here. Therefore, we have chosen a series of links we think are balanced and thoughtful. Though no resource is perfect, we hope you will find these links helpful:

Jesus: Fact or Fiction?
This excellent resource has been produced by some of the top scholars in the world.  Though most of the short video clips are available directly from the website, ordering the DVD allows you to move progressively through the videos based on your questions and interests.

The Case for Christ: A Journalist’s Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus
This book compiles interviews with top scholars by a court-trained investigative journalist who set out to disprove the claims of classical Christianity regarding who Jesus was and what He did.

Inquiring About Christianity series from Ligonier Ministries
Though more Calvinist than Lutheran in its take on some doctrines, these resources are an excellent starting point for exploring the significance of Jesus. As the page declares, “Serious answers for serious inquirers. Who is Jesus and what did He do? Can I know truth? What is the gospel and why is it good news?”

The Word Made Flesh: The Ligonier Statement on Christology
Christology is a fancy word for “what we believe about Jesus.” This is another Ligonier resource. Though it declares itself “The Ligonier Statement on Christology,” it is really a classic restatement of what Christians in all times and places have believed about Jesus, back to authors of Scripture.

The Bridge to Life
This graphic illustration of the role of Jesus in saving us from eternal death–the ultimate result of our sin or “falling short” of what God created us to be–is a bit simplistic, but all the easier to understand because of that. Although Lutherans might usually nuance certain aspects of this presentation differently, it is correct in its basics; when we were separated from God by our sin, through Jesus God provides a means for us to be restored to fellowship with Him.

Again, if you find yourself unsatisfied by the questions these resources raise for you, please visit us for worship and introduce yourself to the pastor or contact us at holycrossnazareth@verizon.net or call us 610-759-7363.

When you are ready to explore the Christian faith in a more direct way, please go to our Word of God page, or begin working your ways through these links: