For Help to Flee From Sin

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I feel my sins. They bite and gnaw and frighten me. Where shall I go? I look to you, Lord Jesus, and I believe in you. Although my faith is weak, I cling to you and am made sure, for you have promised: whoever believes in me shall have eternal life. Even if my conscience is troubled and my sins frighten me and make me tremble, you have said: “My child, be of good cheer; your sins are forgiven you. I will raise you up on the Last Day, and you will have eternal life.” I cannot help myself by my own strength. I come to you for help. Amen.


Thanksgiving for the Benefits in the Sacraments

O my God, I am a sinner, and yet I am not a sinner. Alone and apart from Christ, I am a sinner. But in my Lord Jesus Christ and with him, I am no sinner. I firmly believe that he has destroyed all my sins with his precious blood. The sign of this is that I am baptized, cleansed by God’s Word, and declared absolved and freed from all my sins. In the sacrament of the body and blood of my Lord Jesus Christ I have received, as a sure sign of grace, the forgiveness of sins. This he has won and accomplished for me by the shedding of his precious blood. For this I thank him in eternity. Amen.


For Help in Keeping the Commandments

Lord God, I have indeed transgressed your commandments. I have been impatient in reverses and trials. I am unsympathetic and unmerciful. I do not help my neighbor. I am unable to resist sin. I do not tire of doing wrong. Dear Lord, pour out your grace to me and give me your Holy Spirit so that I may be obedient and keep each of your commandments. Help me to be at odds with the world and to give my heart and soul to you. Amen.