Daycare Discontinuation Parental Contact Email

April 1, 2022

Dear Holy Cross Daycare Center & Nursery School Families,

For years, the Church Council noticed a growing tension between the Holy Cross Daycare Center & Nursery School (the “Daycare”) and the other ministries of Holy Cross Evangelical Lutheran Church (the “Church”).  In an effort to improve the Daycare ministry, the Church Council retained a consultant at considerable expense to evaluate the feasibility of the continuance of the Daycare. The consultant spent considerable time with the Daycare to establish an Action Plan which could reasonably be implemented by the Daycare. This Action Plan was created with the purpose of improving the relationship between the Daycare and the Church, as well as to improving the overall Daycare function. Unfortunately, an annual review of the Action Plan evidenced that it was only partially implemented by the Daycare. Further, due to the aforementioned tensions, the Church Council had significant difficulty finding parishioners willing to serve in a direct capacity with the Daycare.  Indisputably, all of the Church’s ministries have grown over the past several years, as has the Daycare. Yet, the Daycare’s disproportionate utilization of the building significantly limits the ability of the Church to effectuate its other ministries. At the present time, there is a waiting list of more than forty-five children who cannot be accommodated by the Daycare due to its lack of space.  As a result of these factors, the Church Council convened a congregational meeting to address whether and how the Church could reasonably and effectively continue to not only support the Daycare ministry, but all other ministries, as well.

“Listen to advice and accept instruction that you may
gain wisdom in the future.”  – Proverbs 19:20

After significant prayer, deliberation, and the exploration of multiple options by the Church Council and congregation, it became apparent that the Church can no longer offer the daycare as a ministry of our congregation.

We know this news will be disappointing to many families and community members that have benefitted from the childcare provided over the past forty plus years, and particularly to the families who currently entrust their child’s care to the Daycare.  We are actively engaged in three conversations at present that may provide a future home for this ministry, so we ask you all to be patient right now and act in ways that will cultivate goodwill and make the Daycare as attractive a prospect as possible for any and all interested parties.

This early announcement is intended to ensure the families directly impacted have adequate lead time to make alternative arrangements.  The proposed date to discontinue the ministry of September 1, 2022 was extended to December 31, 2022 in the hopes of easing what we know will be a difficult transition. A Transition Committee is available for the directors, staff, and families affected by the closure.

The Church Council and Advisory Board wish to foster an open and productive dialogue; please do not hesitate to contact the Council with any questions or concerns.


Paul Grube
President, Church Council

David Gerges
President, Daycare Advisory Board