Can a church…

  • Be orthodox and ecumenical?

  • Be robustly confessional and tolerant?

  • Be evangelical and catholic?

  • Preach the fullness of God’s grace in Jesus and the convicting Law of God?

  • Accept everyone without endorsing anyone’s sin?

We think so!

At Holy Cross Nazareth, we honor God’s Word and accept people.

We are traditional Christians, convinced that there are riches in the faith proclaimed for nearly two thousand years that the modern world has forgotten or ignored.  Briefly stated, we believe…

  • that Jesus Christ is the savior of the world, the fullest revelation of God’s own self, and the only way for fallen human beings to be restored to communion with God.  While other spiritual paths may produce positive experiences and even contain aspects of the truth, only Jesus can restore true connection with the Person of God and so is (as Jesus Himself said) “the way, the truth, and the life”
  • that the Bible is the inspired and authoritative revelation of God about Jesus, His saving acts in history, and His exalted purposes for humanity.
  • that many faithful people have read the Bible before us and striven to live faithfully, according to its teachings.  Therefore, while we may rightly criticize the sins of Christians who came before us, we should spend more time listening to their insights than criticizing them.
  • that an encounter with the living Christ should and will produce changes in a person not to be found in any other way.  This makes, not perfect people, but people who attend to the work of God in their lives and seek to align their behaviors more and more with His will.

For a more detailed look at what we believe, please go to this page.